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Kara's Fanfic's/Photoshop art
A place for my fan fics and fan art.
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10th-Apr-2011 03:00 pm - Eden Calling Preface and Chapter 1

Over three hundred years ago the vampire council was formed. In that council there are twenty-two various vampires, Master to fledgling. Their job is to make sure all vampires do not get out of hand and break the code. Don’t cross a werewolf. Don’t cross a Master vampire. Don’t cross the council. And the most important rule…Don’t, by any means, fall for a human, no matter how desirable they might be. Break these rules and a vampire, weather they be Master or fledgling, might be found in front of the council, awaiting execution.
Chapter One
Just a dream.
I didn’t know where in the woods I happened to be in, all I knew was that I was lost in them. I saw a glint of light, more like a flash, and suddenly I was on my back, breathing hard. Above me was a boy with long black hair with bleached streaks in it. “You shouldn’t be here.” His dark stormy blue-gray eyes intrigued me. His lips were set in a firm line, but slowly edging closer to mine. “Vera you’re in danger…” I jumped, and awoke in my room my light brown hair all over the place. My hair was in a state of disarray puffing out every which way, but I was even more shaken. Who was that boy, and why did he say I was in danger? I shrugged the dream off and turned to get dressed.
I looked out my window and stared at the rain. This was not my day. I pulled on a long sleeve black shirt and blue jeans. I brushed my hair and teeth, grabbed my jacket, and started down the stairs.

In my house it was me, my twin brother, my mom, and my dad. I smiled at my father, Jeff, who couldn’t cook to save his life. That job fell to me or my mom. “Good morning, Vera…” He said in a deep rumble of a voice. “Morning Dad.” I said softly and pulled the eggs out of the fridge. As I finished cooking his eggs I put them on a plate and set them on the table.

“Hey Gwen! Where’s my food?” I glared at my brother and dished up his and my mom’s eggs. “Here.” I ate quickly and pulled up the hood of my black jacket, “I’m going now!” I walked out the door and over to my blue Chevy. I pushed my backpack into the passenger seat and started up the car. It roared to life and I smiled starting down the street and into the schools parking lot. As I sat in my parked my car I caught a flash of my strange dream once again. The same blue eyes glared then softened before they faded away. I sighed closing my eyes and pulling my black hood back up.

I stepped out of the car only to be met my best friends, “Hey Vera!” I was hugged by four girls. One had long curly dark brown hair with dark brown almost black eyes and was named Emily. The next one had burgundy hair and a dark tan she had happy eyes and was named Sheri. Another had short reddish brown hair with very pale blue eyes and was named Reyna. The last had brown hair with blond streaks and greenish brown eyes; Alyssa. “Hey girls!” I smiled brightly at all of them. We started up the side walk and into the office to grab our timetables. I looked at it and smiled brightly, “I got Johnson for History! What about you all?” Emily nodded, “Me too.” Reyna, Sheri, and Alyssa nodded too, “Yep! Well, let’s go!” We walked to building B and ran into my brother and his friends.

My brother looked a lot like me. We both had light brown hair. Our eyes where the difference, He had green eyes also he wore glasses, and I had hazel eyes, I only wore glasses to see the teacher’s whiteboards. He was tall: six foot one, and lanky, while I was short: about five foot three, and a little bit chubby. He smiled at Emily, and kissed her softly, “Hey James.” He smiled at me and ruffled my hair, “Hey sis.” He then looked back at Emily, “See you at lunch right?” She nodded and smiled, “Of course!”

We walked into our history class, and were lucky to find five chairs right next to each other. We sat down waited for class to start. That was when I saw him. He was tall probably about six foot two. He had the most stormy blue-gray eyes I had ever seen. He had black hair that had bleach blond streaks and I let out a gasp. This was the boy from my dream. This was the boy who told me I was in danger. He looked around and then his eyes locked with mine. He smiled crookedly and slid into the desk next to me. He had pulled out paper and like everyone else taking notes.

Mr. Johnson walked in a smile on his face, he was tall and balding, he had happy blue eyes and he wore glasses. He was wearing a stripped blue and white button up shirt with khakis. “Hello…I’m Mr. Johnson, and I will be your history teacher for the rest of the year. I would like to introduce someone new to the school, Mr. Mason would you like to stand up?” The boy next to me shook his head, “No thanks sir. I’m good here.”

A little while later I dropped my pen and the boy leaned over to pick up his fallen pen and mine. He picked them up and smiled at me, “Here…I’m Davien…You are?” I blushed softly, “I’m Gwenivera Hayes but please…call me Vera.” He repeated as if testing my name on his tongue. “Vera…” He smiled softly his hand brushing mine as he handed me my pen. I looked away from him and started back to taking my notes. I felt a piece of paper hit my hand and I opened it to see Alyssa’s neat handwriting.

What was that about?

I glared at her and wrote back quickly,

He was just handing me my pen!

She turned and smirked passing the paper back to me.

Yeah Right.

The bell rang and I packed up my things. Emily was already out the door. She was probably going to see James before second period started. Reyna, Sheri, and Alyssa were waiting for me though, and so was Davien.
 I looked at my timetable and sighed, Math, the bane of my existence. I gave the girls hugs goodbye, and started into my classroom. Davien followed behind me, “Hey Vera…What’s your timetable say?” I smiled and handed it to him. He laughed a smile on his face, “I have the same classes as you.” I smiled at him and took it back blushing.
I walked in and sat toward the back of the classroom. Davien slid into the desk next to me. He ducked down, trying to hide from our teacher, Mrs. Clark. I had heard from my brother that she was a strict teacher. I took out paper, starting to take notes, because it was obviously true. She was short, with black hair and gray streaks. It was pulled back into a bun and she had striking green eyes. She had a small smile against her face and I was surprised. She looked really nice, but I knew the truth. Nice looks can only hide so much. I didn’t talk during that class but I could feel Davien’s stare on my face. I couldn’t understand why he stared…after all he could have any girl he wanted…why stare at me?

The bell sounded and I stood, grabbing my bag. He picked up my books and smiled at me, “Lunch now…right? Want to eat with me?” I blushed. I really had no idea of what to say. “Um I was planning on eating with my friends, at the front of the school, but…“ He cut me off a smile on his face, “We’ll eat with you.” I raised my eyebrow at him, “We?” He smiled as we walked toward the lunch room. “My family and I. I have a twin brother named, Samuel the only difference between us is his tattoo, and I have two sisters, Alicia and Lily.” It was at that moment that a girl with fiery red hair and dark almost black eyes approached us. She was pale just like Davien but unlike his six two frame she was about five foot one or five foot two at the most. Her red hair hung down to her waist and it had a lot of body to it flowing in lose curls. Davin smiled at her then turned to me, “This is my sister Alicia Mason…Alicia this is Vera Hayes.” She smiled and I was shocked, most people would kill for her perfect teeth. She was very pretty, pert little nose and sparkling dark eyes.
It was at that moment that my friends bombarded me in a group hug. It was Emily who pulled me out of the group hug. She knew how much I hated being tackled and group hugs. “Hey Vera, who’s the guy?” She pointed at Davien a smirk on her lips. “He’s just a friend.” She shook her head and then was taken away by James. 

“Davien!” A beautiful girl and a boy who looked just like Davien, but he had dark green eyes. The beautiful girl had dark rich brown hair that brushed her pale shoulders softly. Like her sister she was very pale but her eyes were ocean blue, rather than dark brown. She smiled nervously at me and looked up at Davien. Unlike Alicia she was tall about five foot eight and dressed in clothes that looked too fine for school. The boy was very tall but was a little bit shorter than Davien. He had slightly longer hair too but the colors and style were close to the same.

“Vera meet Lily and Samuel.” Samuel smiled and patted his brother on the shoulder. His tattoo showed and I stared at it, my eyes wide; it was a phoenix holding a red ribbon in its beak. He smiled brightly at me and looked at Davin, “She’s cute…lucky you.” I blushed and looked up at Davin who looked embarrassed but didn’t blush. I raised an eyebrow at his non blushing state and shook my head. My friends grabbed my arm and pulled at me, “Come on! FOOD NOW!!” It was Alyssa her eyes showing hunger. I looked at Davin and his family waiting for them to follow which, surprisingly, they did. We got our food and we all sat down and I opened my back pack pulling out an apple. I took a bite a smile on my face, not really listening to the conversations around me.
The Masons pov:
Davien stared at Vera his blue eyes holding happiness. Alicia was grinning, “You really like her huh?” It was so fast the others at the table, other than their little group, could have never heard it. He nodded, “Yeah I really do.” The air shifted as Samuel looked up from his empty 
food tray, “Did you see the dogs?” All of them nodded, a shiver running though each of them, “I thought we were running from one thing, but now that led to another. Do you think we should run again?” Lily asked her great blue eyes looking up at the boys. “No…We won’t be run out, not by some mutts at least.” Davien said firmly and moved his gaze away and back over at Vera.
Vera pov:
I looked up from my apple and locked eyes with Davien. I blushed softly and looked away feeling someone poke my ribs. “’Lyssa!” Alyssa smiled, “Ha! You’re still ticklish!” And that would have been my cue to run, if Jack Blaise hadn’t walked in with Xavier-excuse me Avier Carson. Avier would just about kill anyone who called him Xavier or X for that matter.
I had grown up, Jack. He was half Cherokee and half Spanish. His father was the Cherokee, whereas his mother was the Spanish. He was tall, about six feet, with the dark tan skin of his father and the black, Spanish, eyes of his mother. “Hey Vera!” He put his arm around me. I glared and removed his arm from my shoulders, 
“Hello Jack.” He smiled then stiffened slightly, looking at Davien who looked like he was currently having trouble breathing. “Davien you ok?” I asked him reaching my hand out and taking his larger one, “Yeah…” He nodded not pulling his hand away from mine. Jack glared, and stood to his full height, “Well I’m going to go. Tell your Dad, that mine wants to go hunting soon.” I nodded, “Will do.” As he walked away, Alyssa sighed softly, “That boy is so cute!” 
I shook my head at her not really noticing my hand still in Davien’s, “I like a different kind of guy.” All the girls laughed softly and I blushed pulling my hand away from Davien, “Sorry…” He smiled at me and took my other hand, “Its fine. They’re warmer then my hands.” It was true his hands were like ice even though it was slightly a warmer day for out small town. 
“So why did you move to Eden?” It was Sheri that finally looked up from her book. Samuel looked at Davien and smiled at us, “We needed a change in scenery, that’s all, and our parents seemed to agree.” Alicia laughed, “More like they were forced. There are more kids than adults.” Davien smiled his hand still in mine. “Hey Vera…What’s next?” I smiled at him and looked at my timetable, “English.” I smiled brightly giggling softly, “You’re excited…” Reyna said looking at me, “Well I like English.” I pulled my hand away from Davien again and packed up standing from my spot on the ground. Davien stood as well putting his shoulder bag on and taking my books from me, “Bye guys!” He pulled me gently and we started to the English building his arm around my shoulders. 
Most of the time I would remove whoever’s arm was around my shoulders but now I let his arm stay there. I could feel the stares but I ignored them. I guess they weren’t used to seeing cute guy with someone like me. Ok I know I put myself down a lot but I was not ugly by any means but I was not the conventionally stereotypical pretty that Eden had. That would be anyone blonde with blue eyes and the perfect body, or someone like Sheri, who was thin and very pretty but in a different way, which I did not have I was the bookish pretty. I walked into English and sat down with a sigh. Davien set my books down and slid into the desk behind me. He put his cold hands on my shoulders and rubbed them gently. “You ok?” I nodded and relaxed under his very strong hands. 

Our teacher walked in smiling brightly. She was a short blond woman with a spring in her step. On the board her name stood out in bright blue lettering, ‘Mrs. Townsend’ She looked at Davien and myself a with a small smile, “You may have to move I’m putting everyone in Alphabetical order…just makes it easier on me.” We nodded as the rest of the class filled in and waited for her to speak. “Alright, everyone will be in Alphabetical order. Mr. Aaron, please right in the front.” She put us all were we should be. 

Lucky for Me my last name fell a little bit before Davien’s so we ended up across from each other. He turned in his desk and smiled brightly at me. I took out paper and started taking notes on the lecture she was giving.

The rest of the day moved my very fast with Davien either next to me or across the room from me as in our French class. 

Stepping out of our last class we walked toward the parking lot. Walking up to my truck I noticed Davien was four cars down from me. He grinned at me as he walked to his white mustang his brother waiting for him then he sped out of the parking lot quickly.
I watched as he drove away leaning against my door a sigh escaping my lips.
 Well today was certainly a good day.
26th-Sep-2008 06:39 am - Banners!
Here's my first set of banners!

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Be happy...I like them...Comment please!
23rd-Sep-2008 09:20 pm - First Post!
Woot! Ok so this is my first post...yay me. Ok so anyway this is to showcase my fan fiction and my fan art such as it may be.
I will do cuts as soon as I figure out how to do them...heh...so yeah...that's all!
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